Recommended books

The first set of books for learning Angular 2 is out. This is the few we can recommend at the moment:

Angular Conference 2015 - Videos

Every year this European conference gathers people from around the world with one passion in common: Angular JS. As the previous year, Angular 2 was the hot topic but we noticed a lot of concepts consolidation. You can find here a selection of the (imho) most interesting talks:

Featured Article

Migrating A Component To Angular 2: From Angular 1.x

(Oren Farhi)

This article is a good insight about how to get started with Angular 2 having a set of components already implemented with Angular 1. In this example, Oren will convert the youtube-media component from Angular1 and ES2015 to Angular2 and typescript

This example covers the main pain points in magrations to Angular2 from a very practical point of view. Definitely something to keep an eye on when doing a migration for the first time.

Featured Repository

AngularJS 2 Sandbox

(Gion Kunz)

A very simple sandbox to get your hands dirty with AngularJS 2.0 Alpha.
This repository contains a snapshot of AngularJS 2.0 (Currently 2.0.0-alpha.20) as well as SystemJS and the Traceur runtime.

Currently AngularJS 2.0 is relying on AtScript style de-sugaring of meta annotations which is supported in Traceur 0.0.87 under the annotations option. This might change in the future depending on TypeScript adoption and / or ES7 progress with meta annotations / decorators.

This repository is only for demo purpose and for exploring the new AngularJS version. It does not contain any optimizations and the task runner is only there to bootstrap a web server with livereload.